Our Partnership with Tendercrop Farm

In 2017, we partnered with an incredible local farmstand called Tendercrop Farm. Tendercrop is a 600+ acre farm owned by a local farmer, Matthew Kozazcki. This family-run farm has three locations in Newbury, MA, Wenham, MA and Dover, NH.

Compelled by the belief that saving local farmland for farming is good for the New England region, Kozazcki grows and sells fresh fruits, vegetables and meat to our communities.

Tendercrop Dover: Every Saturday 10 - 3PM

Located at 123 Dover Point Road, Dover, NH (previously Tuttle's Red Barn)
Dover is the newest Tendercrop location and was opened in 2013. Previously Tuttle's Red Barn, this farm is one of the oldest working farms in America. This land was used for 375 years, dating back to 1613 when it was established with a land grant from King Charles II of England.
You can find the New England Fishmongers selling fish outside of the farm stand year round. Tendercrop Dover also sells our vacuum-sealed portions of fish in their frozen section near the butchery.

Tendercrop Newbury: Every Saturday 10 - 3PM

Located at 108 High Rd, Newbury, MA (located on Rt. 1A South)
Newbury is the original Tendercrop location and home to many farm animals, growing fields and amazing bakery. This spot is always hustling and bustling, especially during holidays.

Tendercrop Wenham: Every Saturday 10 - 3PM

Located at 93 Main Street, Wenham, MA (previously Canaan Farm)
Wenham is another new location for Tendercrop Farm and includes a sunflower field and incredible greenhouse! Tendercrop Wenham also offers fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, prepared foods and more.
You can find New England Fishmongers outside year round under a pop-up tent in the Tendercrop parking lot.

Mobile Market Schedule

Every Saturday

Tendercrop Farm Newbury: 10 - 2PM

Tendercrop Farm Dover: 10 - 2PM

Tendercrop Farm Wenham: 10 - 2PM

Concord Farmers Market: 9 - 12PM

Every Sunday

Salem NH Farmers Market: 10 - 2PM