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Meet The Mongers

Everyone at New England Fishmongers is also a commercial fishermen, working on our vessels one way or the other and an active participate in the New England fishing industry.

Captain Tim Rider

Owner/Operator, F/V Finander I and F/V Finlander II

Captain Tim grew up landlocked in Bedford, NH, but his love for saltwater fishing began at a young age. He co-founded New England Fishmongers to create a direct marketing program that would bring his hook-and-line caught fish to local consumers. When Captain Tim is not offshore fishing, filleting fish or delivering his catch to customers, he can be found advocating for small-scale fishers that are met with challenges in the consolidating fishing industry. In the industry, he is outspoken in his views against the New England Groundfish Catch Share system, as well as promoting more sustainable fishing techniques, such as jigging. He has appeared on NPR, Food & Wine, and a documentary called "Last Man Fishing".

Kayla Cox

General Manager, Crew of F/V Finlander and F/V Finlander II

Kayla crews on both vessels, but specifically enjoys fishing for scallops from December through April off the coast of Plum Island, Massachusetts. Kayla also manages "land work" including social media, planning markets, processing operations as well as the wholesale program. Like Tim, she is also an advocate for small-scale fishers, specifically female commercial fishermen. She has been featured in The Washington Post, Edible Maine, and the Union Leader.


Crew, F/V Finlander I/ Creative Genius

Paul would rather be floating around in the ocean than doing anything else. He has worked party/charter on Cape Cod Bay and Nantucket Sound. Paul previously co-captained a charter boat out of Snug Harbor, RI, and proud to have participated in tagging and releasing over 30,000 gamefish for science. When Paul isn't pulling fish on Finlander, he is creating videos, edits footage and helps with graphic design for the company. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design.


Crew of F/V Finlander and F/V Finlander II

Originating from Downeast Maine, Asher plays a key role at New England Fishmongers through maintaining both vessels, fishing and selling at markets. During the summer, Asher splits his time between Alaska fishing for sockeye salmon, and Downeast Maine fishing for lobster. Asher can frequently be found convincing customers to purchase his mackerel, and is it his all-time favorite fish to eat due to its high omega-3s and low mercury levels.


Sales Crew

Cameryn is a part-time crew member at New England Fishmongers, when she is not studying Natural Resource Conservation at UMass Amherst. Cameryn takes part in processing fish and selling at the markets. From time to time, she will also join us on a fishing trip. You may confuse Cameryn for Kayla since they look alike and are sisters!


Sales Crew and Creative Director

Hunter is a part time crew member at New England Fishmongers. Currently studying Industrial Design at University of Cincinnati, Hunter helps manage our social media remotely. From time to time, Hunter can also be found on the boats with us, fishing, as well as selling fish at the markets. He is a fantastic chef, so feel free to ask him for recipe advice!


F/V Finlander

The F/V Finlander is a 36’ Northern Bay powered by a John Deere 375 horsepower engine. ​ We fish day trips on the Finlander and catch all of our fish by rod and reel. The target species are pollock, haddock, cod, halibut, cusk, and redfish.

A typical day trip will start around 1am and end around 8pm, as we fish anywhere from 15 miles to 70 miles offshore. The primary fishing season for the F/V Finlander is April through December.

F/V Finlander II

The F/V Finlander II is the newest addition to the New England Fishmongers fishing fleet. It is a 47’ LeBlanc powered by a Caterpillar 3406 engine.

Originally built for trawling, we converted this vessel from a dragger to a jig boat by removing all nets and net reels, and installing rod holders and electronic jig machines. This is part of an ongoing project in collaboration with other like-minded fishermen around the country, in an effort to reduce our ecological impact while harvesting the highest quality hook-and-line caught fish. We pride ourselves in the Finlander II project as it allows us to be more responsible harvesters of the marine resource. ​

Finlander II is also a scalloper and is used to scallop off the northern coast of Massachusetts from December through April each year.




The New England Fish Mongers team is exclusively a hook-and-line fishing operation, we stand against Catch Share Policy. We work with other fishermen to get them a fair price for their catch “living wages.”

Transparency is key

You can trace each piece of fish back to the fishermen who caught it.

Keep our fish local

Most fish landed in the US is sent overseas either to be consumed, or to be processed and shipped back to the US. We keep our catch local to feed our communities. At the beginning of COVID-19 outbreak, we fed hundreds of local families each week with our zero-contact home delivery program. The seacoast of New Hampshire is built on.


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