Events for December 2022

It’s Scallop Season!

What are “Dayboat Scallops?”
A dayboat is a boat that spends 24 hours or less at sea, meaning the fishermen leave the dock in the morning and return in the evening with their catch. In Massachusetts state waters, we are limited to harvesting 200 pounds of scallops per day . Our vessel, F/V Finlander II, leaves Portsmouth Harbor each morning around 4AM, works on the scallop grounds during the day and returns to port at night to unload the catch.

What is the scallop season?
The season runs from December 15th to April 30th.

What is a “dry scallop?”
A dry scallop is one that has not been soaked in chemicals and preservatives. We never add any preservatives or let the scallops soak in ice to absorb water. The scallops are unloaded from the boat at the end of each day and sold at the markets or delivered to your home within 48 hours.

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